Junior Golf Academy

Operation 36 Golf Player Development Network from Operation 36 Golf on Vimeo.

Welcome to the Fore Lakes Junior Golf Academy! Our mission is to provide a 15 year golf development plan for your junior golfer to take them as far as they want in the sport. The academy is structured using the Operation 36 Junior Development Platform. The platform is used by facilities across the nation and consists of a team of coaches and parents working together to support the junior in their journey towards shooting par or better for 9 holes! Each junior that enrolls in the academy will be issued a Bag Tag and profile in our new Op 36 Academy Mobile App. The Op 36 Platform consists of 6 levels,and has a 12 badge curriculum that Academy Director, Greg Lemieux will deliver throughout the academy semesters. When the junior can demonstrate objectives to coaches they will earn badges on their bag tag,and will be able to track and log the progress in the mobile app. Golf Actions are tracked in a social activity feed and points are earned for achieving badges, and playing/practicing outside of class. To graduate from the academy the juniors must progress through all 6 levels and ultimately shoot par or better for 9 holes from their full tee box!  Review the information in the slides below, and when you are ready to start your junior on the road to great golf, click the link below to register for one of our classes!

Fore Lakes Junior Academy