Junior Golf Academy

Welcome to the Fore Lakes Junior Golf Academy! Our mission is to provide a golf development plan for your junior golfer to take them as far as they want in the sport. The academy is structured using on course matches as an integral part of developing their overall skill set.  Beginning with techniques needed on and around the green, and progressing back toward the tees builds a mind set and develops the skills needed for golfers to master the most important aspects of the game first, which is getting the ball into the hole from on and around the green. Starting from 25 yards from the hole and progressing through 8 increasingly longer stages until they achieve a score of par or better from the full distance of the course!  The weekly instruction is designed to provide a fun and competitive environment for golfers to learn and master the skills required to play golf, and the bi-weekly matches allow the golfers to put their skills to the test against others, or just to see how much they have improved.  Having fun, enjoying the sport, and improving the skills of your junior golfer is what this program is all about!